Voorhees High School Wrestling

To say that Lowell Snare has been around since the beginning would be somewhat of an understatement.  True, he has been ‘around’ even before the school opened, but to say that he simply has been present does not do justice to the importance of Lowell Snare to Voorhees High School Athletics.  He wrote the words to the Voorhees alma matter.  He was the originator and founder of the “Milk Can Game.”  He actually helped paint the Milk Can.  He has covered multiple sports for Voorhees while still devoting time to North Hunterdon and Hunterdon Central in his 31 years as a sports editor for the Hunterdon Review and recently as a columnist for The Hunterdon Democrat.  In addition to doing write-ups for games, one could find his words in the editorial sections of both papers in regard to important community affairs.  He has kept in touch with local athletes’ careers after they graduated high school, and he has even written eulogies for the ones that have been tragically lost.  Lowell Snare has been everywhere for Voorhees from the beginning and continues to do so today.

Lowell’s achievements in sports writing and as a member of the community make him eligible for a multitude of distinctions.  There is not enough space on a single page of this program to outline everything he has done.  However, this induction is for the Voorhees Athletic Hall of Fame, and there is no better way to characterize his worth than to devote the rest of this space to what Voorhees coaches, past and present, have to say about their favorite writer.  After Lowell spends so much of his time making the coaches of Voorhees sound good, it is their turn to return the favor.

Ann Bonavita: “He is the number-one advocate of all local athletes.  And his greatest skill as a reporter is taking what you say and making it sound so much better.”

Donna Exley: “He’s got such a tremendous heart, and he’s done so much for the area.  I have a lot of respect for that man.”

Pat Pinto: “In all my years at Voorhees, I never came across anyone else who showed more support for Hunterdon County athletics.”

Sparky Nanni: “He is the undisputed dean of Hunterdon County sports. He was covering sports when I was in high school.  He’s kind of like an encyclopedia or sports almanac for the area; he knows and remembers all the big names and never forgets an athlete.  In 40 years, a lot of coaches and athletes have come and gone, but Lowell has remained a constant.”

Heidi Hintz: “The entire Voorhees community owes a lot to Lowell Snare.  I can’t think of anyone who has done more for this school since its inception.  So many have come and gone since 1975, but Lowell has always been here to promote the school in a positive way.”

Al Stumpf: “He had the ability to put a positive spin on anything.  You could be furious with the way your team played, but if you were to tell him that, it would never appear as a negative comment in the paper.  He had the ability to convey things honestly yet tactfully.”

Tony Makoski: “He is not only an advocate for athletes in Hunterdon County, but coaches as well.  He never has a negative thing to say about the coaches around here.”

Bob Angstadt: “He was there covering games when I played football for North in 1979.  He was there when I was a young assistant coach at North in the mid-80s.  Here it is, 2008, I’m coaching football and wrestling at Voorhees, and Lowell is still here covering high school athletics.  The man is amazing; he always reports on the positive of our student athletes and supports Hunterdon County with a passion like none other.”

Claire Conway: “I couldn’t imagine a season without him.”

Brian Baumann: “In 2007, he asked me to stand in for him as the MC of the Milk Can Luncheon.  It was an honor for me just to be a part of event, but the fact that Lowell Snare asked me out of all people to do it made it even more special.  Growing up in this area, I always valued the words of Lowell Snare.  In selecting me to fill in for him, Lowell was saying that he valued my input, and that was the ultimate pat on the back.”

Thank you Lowell Snare for helping to make Voorhees a great place to compete and coach.