Voorhees High School Wrestling

The Voorhees Wrestling Program has produced some outstanding individuals; athletes who became the centerpieces of their powerhouse teams in the 80’s and early 90’s, but Eric Lobell was the first “top gun” in the history of Voorhees Wrestling.  He started as a freshman when the program was only in its second varsity season, a season they finished with a 7-7 record.  However, by the time he was a senior, the team had flourished to an undefeated record of 20-0.  While talent and coaching played their usual role in the success of the program, much could be said for the outstanding leadership by the “charter member” of the Voorhees Wrestling elite.

As only a sophomore, Eric was named the captain of the team and took every responsibility that came with such a title.  Former assistant wrestling coach Tom Heilman remembers Eric as a man among boys.  “I just remember relying on Eric a great deal.  He was not a leader by default, he was a leader in every sense of the word.  He was an experienced winner, mature beyond his years, and very conscientious.  We had a lot of different personalities on that team and Eric helped keep it all together.”   He was dependable as a competitor and a leader, he showed up every day to practice, worked hard, sacrificed for the team, had a positive attitude.  He set the standard for what a Voorhees wrestler should strive to be.

Eric’s achievements on the mat were impressive as well.  As a four-year starter, he is the only wrestler in Voorhees history to be named the program’s “Most Outstanding Wrestler” every year.  Eric was a three-time District 17 champion and took third place as a freshman.  He was Voorhees’s first ever Region 5 champion as a junior, thus becoming the first Voorhees wrestler to qualify for the State Championship Tournament.  He matched that feat in his senior year when he took an undefeated record into Jadwin Gym and finished top-eight in the state.  His career marks of 87 victories, with a winning percentage of 86.1%, both rank eighth best in the history of Voorhees Wrestling.

After high school, Eric continued his wrestling career at The University of Pittsburgh (formerly know as Pitt) for two years before a career-ending knee injury.  After graduating with a degree in economics, he married his wife Christine and settled back in Hunterdon County where they had two children, Eric and Alexandra.  Much to the delight of the Voorhees wrestling coaches, Eric has given back to the community; this will be his twenty-first year as a coach in the junior wrestling program.  Additionally, he served as the head of the high school wrestling booster club in 2005 and 2006 while his son was continuing the Lobell wrestling legacy.  Eric has remained one of the faces of Voorhees wrestling from the time he burst onto the scene in the 70’s straight through today as he teaches eight-year-olds how to get in a proper stance.  Simply put; one would be hard-pressed to find anybody in the history of Voorhees Wrestling who has spent more time in the wrestling room than Eric Lobell.