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Textbook website:


Want extra practice? (Use the website for self-tests and practice graphing):


PLEASE NOTE: We are not using  this text book but the website is good for practice, and we all know practice makes perfect!

Thank you Lauren D. for finding this website which has interactive graphing at bottom of page so you can practice-

Mr. Brunelle has been kind enough to offer a review on his website that goes over graphing as well


  “Understand these concepts, know these concepts, and own these concepts.”

  – Brunelle and  Reff –



Section 1
Section 1 & 2 (see Macro)

Section 2

Section 9

Section 3

Section 10

Section 4

Section 11

Section 5

Section 12

Section 6

Section 13

Section 7

Section 14

Section 8