Project Graduation (PG) Permission Form

The PTSA will be coordinating a fun-filled, safe, drug & alcohol

free all night graduation celebration for all the 2023 North Graduates at The FunPlex, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Time & Dates: 9:30pm June 11th – 6am June 12th

Chartered Bus: Be sure to request your seat-mates…the longer the list, the better the chances you’ll all be on the bus together! Get a playlist ready for carpool-karaoke during travel time. Bus Lists posted at graduation rehearsal.

Event Activities Include: Music, Go-Karts Speedway, Laser Tag, XD Dark, Bowling, Miniature Golf, Unlimited Arcade, Unlimited Indoor & Outdoor Rides, food & beverages throughout the night & morning, + prizes & surprises!

Reserved Ticket Price*: $105/pp *the actual cost of $212 is supplemented by PTSA raised funds, sponsors, & donations* Registration ends May 31st.

Grad drop off time traffic flow:  9:30pm drop off in the main parking lot. Please drive around the courtyard circle to drop off your grad at the chaperone welcome station. No Grad may drive themselves or leave a car in the parking lot. All grads will ride to & from the event on chartered bus.Grads dropped off will be guided by chaperones in bright yellow shirts to designated charter bus. Chaperones will also include 2 CT Police officers.

Chartered Buses leave North by 9:55 pm June 11th and return to North at 6am June 12th. No grad may drive. Grads must be picked up. Pre-plan your pick up.

FunPlex security & Chartered Buses strictly enforce the following:

No large bags of any kind, outside food or drink, containers. Phone / charger, wallet/wristlet are optional items to bring for this event; grads are responsible for belongings. Local and Mt. Laurel Police will be in coordination & cooperation. This event is for North 2024 Grads registered with FunPlex and PTSA.

Note: No cash is needed for this all-inclusive- event. Parent/guardian may indicate any essential accommodations on form link below. Accommodations will be made as needed.

Sign up: print, complete, return• 2024 Project: Graduation form by 5/31

 I hereby give permission for my North HHS 2023 Graduating Senior



(  Please  print  student  name  clearly, and also include nickname if friends use it  )

to attend Project Graduation on June 11-12, 2024. Project Graduation Graduates will be dropped off at North Main parking lot at 9:30pm. Grads will go through a safety review checkpoint with chaperones as they board the chartered bus. Chaperones include two Clinton Township Police Officers. Phone & wallet are the optional items to bring for this event. No cash needed. Buses depart by 9:55 pm. Attendees will arrive at The FunPlex @ 11:15pm. All attendees will adhere to code of conduct rules of North HHS and The FunPlex during the entirety of this event. Attendees will return to North at 6:00AM for pick up by parent/ guardian. Agree to your pick up arrangements prior to the 11th. No grad may drive. No grads may leave a car in the North parking lot overnight.


I hereby release North Hunterdon PTSA, Project: Graduation Volunteers, North Hunterdon High School, North Hunterdon Board of Education, The FunPlex and all other parties involved in this event from any and all liability. I understand that no graduate will be permitted to leave the Project Graduation premises for the duration of the event unless authorized by PTSA & CTP & an approved parent/guardian due to emergency-medical needs.

List essentials / medical considerations: (dietary, medications, access, accommodations):

________________________________________________(continue on back as needed)


Parent/Guardian: ____________________________________________________________




Emergency Contact:__________________________________________________________




By signing this document, I agree to be responsible for any liability, loss, claims, damages, or expenses of any kind as a result of my/student’s actions while participating in Project Graduation commencing on June 11, 2024 & ending June 12, 2024. Ticket price includes chartered buses, admission to FunPlex, gift, food & beverages throughout the event. $105 ticket reservation is non-refundable. There will be no: unauthorized entry, conduct violations, smoking/vaping, drug- alcohol consumption-possession allowed at any time before-during-commuting after the FunPlex event. Note: Seniors, your signature is essential & has meaning to all the volunteers who are planning for this event to be a safe, fun, drug & alcohol free celebration. We volunteer for you.



 (Student signature)                                                                      (Parent signature)


Bus-seat-mates:____________________________________(continue on back as needed )


Pay by cc online:  

or   by check:  $105 check payable to NHHS PTSAPLEASE NOTE :

Bring or Mail this signed permission slip  to: North Hunterdon High School PTSA’s Project: Graduation    1445 State Route 31        Annandale, NJ 08801


Click here for a printable registration form.


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