Voorhees Boys Lacrosse Training Information

Strength Training

Voorhees Lacrosse will emphasize strength training, mobility, agility, and conditioning.  Although our lacrosse skills are important, to be successful in the sport of lacrosse (and most sports) one must have the mental and physical strength and endurance to compete at a high level.  Players will be conditioned in and out of season to build and maintain the strength needed to be successful on the field.  This will also help prevent injury to players.  Below players can find workouts that cater to their needs at different points in their performance seasons.

Fall 2017 Lacrosse Workout

Below you will find a link to a calendar schedule of lifting session times that have been allocated for our lacrosse team to train in the fall and winter.  There will be a coach present to supervise and assist players.  This calendar is updated weekly.  It is imperative that we continue to enhance our athleticism in the offseason.

Winter/Spring 2018 Extra Hours Weight Room Calendar

Wall Ball Routine

Wall ball is an important part of any player’s development.  Wall ball is an excellent practice that every player can perform on their own with minimal resources.  All a player needs is their stick, a wall, and a ball.  Check out our wall ball routine and remember the fundamentals below.

Voorhees Lacrosse Wall Ball Routine

All positions can benefit from wall ball

  • Goalie: The quarterback on the clear. Outlets need to be precise and accurate. Need to be able to have stick skills while under pressure on the clear.
  • Defense: Defenders with good stickwork = high clearing % and ability to play fast and run in transition
  • Midfield: Responsible for stickwork in clearing as well as the offensive end of the field
  • Attack: Self explanatory, need to have the best sticks on the team

How to get the most out of wall ball sessions

  • Catch and throw in a triple threat position (opposite hip faces wall, NOT toes)
  • Catch, 1 cradle, throw, Catch, 1 cradle, throw, etc.
  • Keep feet moving, on toes, feet never flat
  • Keep stick up and tight
  • Focus on overhand, fundamental
  • Complete routine as quickly as possible (time yourself for a challenge/try to beat previous time

Offseason Training

Summer Leagues

Voorhees will enter a team into the Ath-Ed summer lacrosse league in Mount Olive

Fall Ball

Voorhees will team up with Del Val for this year’s fall lacrosse season.  We enter in the Leading Edge Fall Lacrosse League at Rutgers University.  The league runs on Sundays from September 17-October 29.  Players can register by clicking HERE.  Select the team Voohees/DelVal from the drop down menu.

Winter League

Voorhees will enter two teams in the ISP High School Winter League in Randolph.  Information and player registration can be found HERE.  Players should register for the Voorhees team that corresponds to their grade (Freshman/Sophomore or Junior/Senior).

 In-season Workout

2018 In-Season Lacrosse Workout