Jeremy Brandt
Voorhees High School



Episode 1, shot on 3/21/17, HERE!

-Episode 1 features students Iliani Vs. Ben vs. Glin

Episode 2, shot on 3/28/17, HERE!

-Episode 2 features Mrs. Rosania-Harvie vs. Ms. Polgar vs. Ms. Greulich

Episode 3, shot on 4/12/17, HERE!

– Episode 3 features Mr. Peterson vs. Mr. Broan vs. Mr. McGeehan

Episode 4, shot on 5/3/17, HERE!

– Episode 4 is SPORTS themed and features Coaches Hall, Barbieri & Makoski

Set for The Viking Voice

The Video Club presents The Viking Voice

The 2016-17 Video Club will produce a talk show called “The Viking Voice.” We’ll be shooting in the TV Studio in room 247. The idea is to choose a different themed topic for each episode we shoot. We’ll then recruit up to 4 or 5 guests along with a host and come up with talking points/questions relating to that topic. The host will lead the discussion.

Club members will run the tv studio positions (camera operators, director, audio director, graphics, teleprompter, etc.) or if they’re not technically interested they can help out in preproduction writing, or even as on-air talent.
The idea is to produce regular programming that will be posted online for audience viewing. Topics may vary greatly and guests/hosts will change.
We plan to meet every Wednesday for preproduction sessions as well as for shooting our episodes.
The Viking Voice

Our second episode was shot on November 2nd, which focuses on American Veterans. We’ve released in time for Veterans Day.