Jeremy Brandt
Voorhees High School

Memories 2019

Featuring the
Graduation Ceremony! Professionally Shot in HD with a 3-camera shoot

  • Senior Interviews

  • Spirit Fest Skits from Freshmen to Senior Years

  • Senior Tribute Video & More!

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VHSTV has sold the Memories videos each year since 1999. It features the graduation ceremony plus all kinds of senior year related videos & projects. We want our videos to be something that graduates and parents can reflect back on and enjoy over the years.

When you purchase the Memories Video, you’ll have password protected access to all of our video content using the online service, MediaZilla. It’s simple to use and will allow you to view everything in full HD quality on any device as well as give you the ability to download any or all of the many videos in the Memories collection directly to your hard drive, for offline viewing or storing on an external device as well. We no longer offer the content on DVD.

You can experience how that content will be delivered to you via e-mail by checking out this sample video of the 2017 SpiritFest by following the link here:

Voorhees 2017 SpiritFest – Sample Video

-The content at the link above is not downloadable, but the Memories 2019 video content WILL be downloadable.

The cost of Memories 2019 is $25 – Graduation Ceremony + All additional content (with an approximate total runtime of 3 hours of senior content)

Please email Mr. Brandt @ with questions.

Download the Order form at this link:

Memories 2019 Order Form

Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony!