What is NHMA & Why Join?

What is NHMA?

NHMA, or North Hunterdon Music Association, is a non-profit group run by North Hunterdon music student parents. Through fundraising and volunteer efforts, we strive to support all music students by providing programs, services,  and scholarships.

Meetings are held at NHHS on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in Room 124. Click here to see a schedule. Hope to see you there!

We raise funds in two ways:

1. Membership – Your membership dollars are our foundation, and help us to provide the programs that encourage and enrich all of our music students.

2. Recurring fundraising events throughout the year, such as: concession sales at musical events, 50/50 Raffles, clothing drives, flower, candy, and holiday item sales throughout the year, and more!

 What We Provide:

We use fundraising dollars to support student activities, which include providing anything from paper goods, food and drink for banquets, concert receptions, and band activities, as well as other music-related needs. The NHMA also helps to provide enrichment  for  students by funding special programs, such as Master Classes for Voice students,  and other performance expenses.

For Seniors: The money from our fundraisers is used to provide over $3000 in scholarships for graduating seniors.

For underclassmen, we offer the Gary Gilbert scholarship, named after an incredible individual who was very involved in with NHMA for several years. which is available to all underclassmen to supplement music education tuition outside of the classroom. If there is a workshop, music camp, or seminar your student would like to attend anytime during the year, NHMA would like to help.  Applications can be obtained from the music teachers. 

Students families must have a membership to qualify for scholarships consideration.

Why should you join?

Its fun!

Volunteering and being involved in music department activities also builds rapport with our amazing music department faculty. 

It is rewarding to share these activities with the students and parents, and we always have room for new faces. We welcome volunteer help and support.  Please consider volunteering.

 How do I join/volunteer?

We start accepting membership for the upcoming school year in June, however volunteer opportunities are abundant throughout the school year and summer months. 
Find our Membership Form here.  If you’d like to volunteer, be sure to check areas where you’d like to help with on the second page of the membership form.

You may also contact any of our  officers with inquiries about our fundraising and/or volunteer opportunities using our email: nhmusicassociation@gmail.com .

Please help support our outstanding music students!

Thank you,


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