Jeremy Brandt
Voorhees High School

VHSTV has sold the Memories videos each year since 1999. It features the graduation ceremony plus all kinds of senior year related videos & projects. We want our videos to be something that graduates and parents can reflect back on and enjoy over the years. When we started, we sold VHS tapes. In 2002, we moved to DVD’s, and now we’re finally making the move to a newer more reliable online service.

Our original price was $35. As we found ways to bring down costs, we extended those reductions to the graduates. The past 3 years, we kept our price of the DVD at $25. This year, for the first time, we’re offering multiple tiers to graduates, so you can choose the package that’s right for you.

Bronze: $10 – Graduation Ceremony Only

Silver: $20 – Graduation Ceremony + All additional content

Gold: $30 – Graduation Ceremony + All additional content + a Standard Def DVD                         hard copy of ceremony & additional content

Please email Mr. Brandt @ with questions.

Featuring the
Graduation Ceremony!

  • Senior Interviews

  • Prom Highlights

  • Spirit Fest Skits from Freshmen to Senior Years

  • Senior Tribute Video & More!


Memories 2017 Order Form


Bronze $10 – Features the full graduation ceremony only. Shot on location with 3 cameras in full 1080 HD resolution. The video will be viewable through any computer, smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, or streaming it to a Chromecast via another device. You also have the option of downloading individual videos or all of the content for offline viewing. Upon creating a simple free account, you’ll always have access to the content, whether you stream it online or download it.

Silver $20 (most popular) Features everything from Bronze above, but you’ll also have access to the full Memories 2017 experience, which will include:

-Every Spirit Fest Skit performed – from 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

-A collection of Senior Interviews produced by students. Approximately 30-40 minutes.

-A Senior Farewell/Tribute Music Video

-Bonus features filled with senior goodness in the form of various student projects


Gold $30 Everything included in Silver & Bronze + we’ll burn a Standard Def DVD for you, as well. The disc won’t be anything fancy (no pretty artwork on it) but it’ll play in a DVD player. If you choose this option, a disc will be created and dropped off in the main office which you can pick up over the summer at your convenience.

Memories 2017 Order Form

How it works!

  1. Download the form using the above link. Fill it out and send it in to Voorhees High School.
  2. That’s it! A confirmation will be e-mailed to the address you provided when we receive it.
  3. Approximately 1-2 days after the graduation ceremony you’ll receive another e-mail with a link to access your video content, that you’ll have forever.

*Disclaimer – While we try hard to include as many seniors as possible in what our students produce, please be aware we cannot guarantee that EVERY single senior will be included (aside from the graduation ceremony, which will of course feature every graduate).

**In 2017, we again plan to livestream the graduation ceremony on the VHSTV YouTube channel. It is free for anyone anywhere to tune in and watch. It will be available online for 1 year and then will be removed. The streaming quality will also not be full 1080 HD resolution. What we’re offering here has sustainability over the years in full HD quality.