A Better Way To Track Your Service by Ryan Solomon

      Voorhees will introduce a voluntary community service program which will allow students to find service opportunities, sign up for those activities, receive notices, set and track progress for personal service goals, and reflect on their experiences.

     The new program will be named X2VOL, and Mike Squarcia, Director of Guidance Services, states that “It allows students to easily develop service resumes which can be used in the college process.”

     Students will be able to print a report of their service hours which can be used when applying for scholarships, honors programs, or colleges. X2VOL is being newly introduced to Voorhees, although it is not new to all schools. Plenty of schools around the country have had success with this program along with its results. X2VOL is a user friendly program easy for even your average grandma to use! This program is also available in the Apple Store or Android Market on your mobile device for quick and easy access.

     Community service is essential to any students’ academic career, as Squarcia acknowledges, “it will help them develop into socially responsible citizens” and it also “provides students with opportunities to apply skills and knowledge learned in school to real human needs.”

     Out of Harrisonburg Virginia, James Madison University states that “Giving up your time to improve others’ lives is rewarding, humbling, and a distinctive learning experience.”

     Here at Voorhees High School, our students’ perspectives vary, although many ritually volunteer in community service, there are almost as many that do not. Those students including one in particular, Zach Ogorzalek, a freshman from Voorhees, is “Too busy in academics and sports” to volunteer for community service, although these students all have aspirations of volunteering in the future.

     Differing from others, a senior from Voorhees, Matt Suchovich, has combined his liking of sports with his community service work. Matt volunteered to coach the Hunterdon Hawks, a junior track team for those in kindergarten to eighth grade to participate in. Matt has recently found out about Voorhees’ new program and claims that “it would definitely help those looking for community service.”

     Opportunities like Matt’s and more can easily be found in our X2VOL program. X2VOL will allow students to find any opportunities of their liking which helps to enhance the community service experience.

     X2VOL can be joined today, and many will find that this program is a handy helper when getting involved in any community service. Voorhees encourages you students to join X2VOL, for it will better your service experience!

     More information can be found by clicking this link, brining you through a sign up tutorial and user instructions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwPZOOwd1JmkWWtLclp6RTFLS1d3SWlpODhXOU92alRkU0Fr&authuser=0