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Jake Ruscher


Teacher Biography

I started teaching at North Hunterdon High School in 2007.  I received a degree in Social Studies and Special Education from Centenary College.  I am currently working toward a Master’s degree in Education from Wilkes University.

I am a statistician for our football team, a volunteer coach for the boy’s basketball team, and a volunteer JV coach for the golf team.  I live in Califon with my wife and three children.

2017-2018 Schedule and Availability:

Block Class Periods Google Classroom
1 ALC History

Room 134

Day A Period 1

Day B Period 2

Day C Period 3





2 Advanced Chemistry

Room 204

Day A Period 2

Day B Period 3

Day D Period 1

3 Advanced Chemistry

Room 204

Day A Period 3

Day C Period

Day D Period 2

5 CP Chemistry

Room 200

Day A Period 4

Day B Period 5

Day C Period 6

6 Transition Center

Room 152A

Day A Period 5

Day B Period 6

Day D Period 4

8 Advanved Early American History Day B Period 4

Day C Period 5

Day D Period 6



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