Le Club Francais



The dues are for:

  • Crepe cooking ingredients in November
  • National French Week gift cards
  • Supplies ( Christmas Cards, Mask making)
  • We sponsor with other clubs the World Language Ceremony ( 150 dollars)
  • Products for the Window painting in December
  • End of the year picnic

Meetings:  Second Thursday of the Month in room 222 at 2:30.  We might have extraordinary meetings

October:  We sell French bonbons.  During October meeting, we will organize the French National Week

November : National French Week

  • Find trivia questions
  • Dessert contest
  • Tee-shirt Design Contest
  • French Music
  • Crepe Cooking

December: Window Painting, Christmas Cards, Charity

January:  Celebrate “ La galette des Rois” ) Kings’ cake ( Galette cooking?)

February: Celebrate “ La Chandeleur”: Crêpe Sale ( Heart crêpes)

Celebrate Mardi Gras ( mask making)

March:  Charity (Sale of Bonbons again)

April: Craft/ Movie?

May:  End of the year Picnic


IDEAS:  Pen pals,