Physical Education

Physical Education Course Requirements
 370 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 9 Gr. 9 2.5 cr., 18 wks
Physical Education I is an introductory program designed to develop students’ physical abilities through a wide variety of activities including Introduction to Project Adventure. This first year introduces students to sports and activities, which generally continue in sequence, through Physical Education courses in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.
375 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 10 Gr. 10 2.5 cr., 18 wks
380 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 11 Gr. 11 2.5 cr., 18 wks
385 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 12 Gr. 12 2.5 cr., 18 wks
Physical Education X, XI, and XII provide lifetime carry-over sports activity programs for students. During the year, the elective program allows students to choose a variety of these activities in which they demonstrate an interest. Also, Project Adventure I, which consists of trust activities and low elements, is a sophomore requirement and Project Adventure II which consists of high elements is elected in either the junior or senior year.

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