Boys Tennis

Varsity Calendar 2012-2013

JV Calendar 2012-2013

Boys Tennis Rules

Boys Tennis Pre-Season Meeting, a list of important dates are on this document.

Tryouts start on March 7th 2014, if you are not cleared by the tryout date, you do not get to tryout.

As of 2-28-14, 22 athletes are cleared.  Get your paperwork in by next Friday to make sure you are cleared on time to start on March 7th.


Bercaw Eric
Bourque Chris
Davis Grant
Detoro Jonathan
Dong Nelson
Feeley Brendan
Greenfield Evan
Guenther Derek
Horun Grant
Johnson Jacob
Kistler Samuel
Lutkus Paul
McCoy Ryan
Okner Andrew
Sinoway Jordan
Spann Alexander
Spann Ivan
Sylvestre Jake
VanHaarlem Maurits
Vitti Michael
West Christopher
Zalewski Sean


Everyone else can read the key and figure out what needs to get done to be cleared.


PH – Physical Examination (pages B1-B4)

PP – Parent Permission Form (pages A1-A3)

I/E/D – Inhaler/Epi-pen/Diabetic Form

Consent Form – Interscholastic Sport & Intramural Consent Form


Cleared Medically – Cleared Medically for Participation

LAST FIRST PH PP I/E/D Con-sent Form IMPACT Cleared Medically
Campbell William Y N N Y Y 2/14 N
Geerinck Joshua C Y Y Y Y 2/14 N
Koch Travis N Y Y N Y 2/14 N
Lee Justin N Y Y Y Y 2/14 N
Thompson Matthew Y N Y Y Y 5/12 N
Varughese Joshua N N N N Y 2/14 N
Winter Evan Y N Y Y Y 2/13 N


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