Student Assistance Program
Voorhees High School

LIFELINES: Suicide Prevention Program


Since 2009, VHS presents: The Hazelden Foundation’s Lifelines Curriculum


A comprehensive curriculum for our school’s administrators, staff, parents and students. Voorhees has been given the distinction of being the national pilot school for this program.

For more information on the Hazelden
Foundation, one of the country’s premier mental health treatment and publishing
organizations, click on:


Official Hazelden Site


Resources available in the Parents’, Visitors’ and Staff Resource areas
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For a comprehensive presentation about our Lifelines program, please watch the following

Kim Scheper – Lifelines.mp4


The term of art used presently by professionals who specialize in this subject is “help-seeking”  – the focus is on identification of at-risk kids and getting them referred to the appropriate helping professionals. Referrals may be self-referrals or through the agency of their friends, family members, school staff or others. Staff and student education is offered to encourage active involvement of all members of the school community to safeguard each other’s wellbeing.


For more information , please feel free to contact Jeff Hunt, or proceed to the Parent Resource page.