Jeremy Brandt
Voorhees High School


DVD Transfers – Duplications – Event Filming

VHSTV Productions is offering video services to the school and community for donations to help offset costs for field trips as well as equipment maintenance.

Video services are offered for the suggested donations:

$10 per video tape transferred to DVD (regardless of the amount of footage on each tape)

$5 per DVD Duplication


Video Services Request Form

We can transfer these popular video formats: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, miniDV, Beta. We can also transfer footage shot on a memory card to DVD.

For each tape that you give us, you’ll get back your original and a corresponding DVD. You may also have multiple DVD copies made if you’d like (@ $5 per additional duplication).

We do NOT transfer film reels, audio cassettes, record albums or slides. We simply do not have the equipment.



If you’re interested these services, or have a special request, please download and fill out the Video Services Request Form   Or contact me at .

For transfer services, your tapes can be brought into the main office at Voorhees HS, anytime between 7AM and 4PM (weekdays), along with your Video Services Request Form. I will E-mail you to let you know we received your tapes and then again when your DVD’s are ready to be picked up. Payments can be made with cash or check made out to Voorhees High School at drop off, or when you pick up your finished DVD’s.


Contact us to request any other video related services that we may be able to help you out with!


Contact VHSTV:
Mr. Jeremy Brandt
Voorhees High School
256 County Rd. 513
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
(908)638-2199 (ext. 2068)



Please note:

Video quality may be less than professional.  School/Community related video services are administered by Voorhees High School students.  Please allow significant time for completion. Due to limited class time, Voorhees High School reserves the right to refuse jobs.  We will not duplicate copyrighted material. All funds collected will be contributed to the VHSTV Production Program to help fund field trips as well as maintain/purchase equipment.