Aimee Carmella
Voorhees High School

Using the basic elements of photography learned in Photography 1, students will experiment with a variety of creative techniques explored in the darkroom and with digital photography using Adobe Photoshop. Special attention will be given to print quality, alternative processes and composition.

Students in Photography 2 will learn to use photography as a fine art medium to design and compose photos demonstrating a variety of themes; students will also develop a deeper understanding of visual aesthetic through photography.

Additionally, students will develop skills in visual interpretation and more advanced photographic techniques according to the core standards for the visual arts.

Class Requirements

You will need a 3-ring binder to keep all of your projects and handouts; this will be kept in the classroom in a designated place for your class. Preferably a 1” binder with a sturdy cover.

Your Chromebook should be brought to every class. Remember to charge it every night.

You are required to keep a record of your projects because at the end of the course, you will create a final project based on all that you have accomplished. Methods will be discussed in class.

Each student will receive a class participation grade (comprised of up to 4 points per day. If a student works the entire period, they receive a 4, part of the period a 2, does nothing a 0.  In a 4-block week, I will meet with students 3 times. Participation grades will be recorded every four day cycle. Students who work the entirety of each class will receive a total of 12 points for their participation grade for the week. (Weeks with less than a 3 day cycle will be pro-rated.)

Points will be taken off participation grades for poor behavior (throwing objects, being disrespectful, bothering other students, misusing classroom supplies).

Please come to class with an eagerness and willingness to learn and then to apply what you have learned in class.

Absolutely no cell phones are to be used during class time as per district policy.

Absolutely no food or drink in the Photo Room.

When you are in Photo class, I expect you to make good use of your time and stay on task.

You will be required to shoot some assignments outside of class – after school or weekends.

If you should fall behind, It is your responsibility to come in to work after school or during free periods. I am available at various times of the day in this classroom, as well as after school.

Please feel comfortable to communicate with your teacher regarding any questions or concerns with the class.

Treat photo equipment as if it were your own – please hand in the Camera Borrowing Agreement ASAP.

Grading Policy & Due Dates

Due dates will be given either at the time the assignment is presented. These dates will be posted in the classroom and online. Each assignment will be graded with a rubric, which will tell you what the requirements are for each assignment.

Assignments/projects are based out of a potential range of 10 – 100 points. If you do not turn work in on time, you will lose 10 points for each day that it is late.

Your grade will consist of:

  • Project and Assignment grades – 10 – 100 points
  • Participation grade – 12 points (4 points per day), weekly based on 3-class-meetings-per-week cycle

Course Grade

Marking Period 1 Grade (45%) + Marking Period 2 Grade (45%) + Final Exam Project Grade (10%) = Final Course Grade

School Attendance Policy

More than six unexcused absences will result in loss of credit for the course.

Three unexcused lates = 1 unexcused absence.

Classroom Expectations

I respect each student. I expect the same respect in return, as well as you being respectful of your classmates, any materials in the room, the classroom, and any visitors that may enter the classroom.

You have a right to learn, and I have a right to teach. If you violate my right to teach, you have violated your right to learn and succeed. In order to succeed, we need to have a partnership – we are in this together and need to be mindful of one another’s rights.

Share the air. When one person is talking, please be respectful and wait until called on to speak. We are only able to listen to one voice at a time.

Arrive on time to class. Please make sure you use the bathroom before the bell rings. If you absolutely need to use the bathroom during class, permission may be granted either after the first ten minutes of class time or before the last 10 minutes of class time.