x2VOL Instructions

All NHHS students will register and learn how to navigate in a program called x2VOL during their Health/PE class in the fall of their Freshmen year. This program is accessible through Naviance using the school username and password.

If you happen to miss the registration or are a new NHHS student, please take time to review the x2VOL registration/navigation instructions explained in the following interactive simulation of these important procedures:

x2VOL Registration and Navigation

The following links also provide you with some more information and guidance for the registration and hourly logging information:

How to Register for x2VOL

How to Log Hours in x2VOL

If you still need further assistance, please click here or call the x2VOL helpdesk at 866.906.6400.

NHHS Parents/Guardians/Students should be aware that it is the responsibility of the student to submit all Community Service hours through x2VOL by May 31 each year.

All hours submitted must be attached to a “goal” for the current school year. If they are not, there will be a delay in the approval of hours.

Any Community Service that has been logged with a date on or after June 1 will be considered for the following school year.

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