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Practicing Choral Music: Ten ideas for the singer who doesn’t think they can practice on their own

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Piano Keys

At rehearsal on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015, we all formed a list of expectations for the members of this group. The floor was open to anyone who had a thought, and everyone who expressed an interest to speak was heard.

Anyone who does not fully agree with the expectations ultimately decided upon and does not feel that they can abide by them should seriously reconsider their presence in this group. You are encouraged to drop if you realize you cannot adhere to the Show Choir expectations. (There is a link to the document at the bottom of this page, and the signed 2020-21 version will soon be posted in the Choir Room.)

-Important Dates-

Fri., 10/2, all day ~ Nominations for Choir President/VP due to Mrs. C via email

during class ~ solo auditions for “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”

Thurs., 12/10 ~ proposed Winter Concert I (TBD)

Thurs., 12/17 ~ proposed Winter Concert II (TBD)

[Show Choir will rehearse from 12:20-12:55pm on Wednesdays and Fridays, unless otherwise announced.]

-Rehearsal Notes-

(After each rehearsal, I will post the activity from that session, so those who were absent can learn what they missed for the next time we meet, and so those who were present can review as needed.
My expectations for what we have learned each date are made clear in these notes. If you were late or absent (for any reason), you will be tested on that date’s material within a week of your return to school. I will notify you of the date of your Test in an email. Rehearsal material is work that you need to make up with individual practice. Refer to the top of this page for an article on practicing on your own. You also have,, and the entire internet as resources for practice help. Please cozy up to a piano and get your practicing done. If you do not play keys, learn, and in the meantime, please utilize the resources around you. We have several fine keys players in the Department, and you can always ask one of the teachers for help as well.)
Fri., 9/25 ~ We began today with another rhythm-intensive warm-up! Please see the below image for what we covered (performing it on counts instead of a vowel).
We then moved on to “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”, reviewing what we learned last time, and solidifying measures 1-5. We also spoke about the “doom”, with lots of “oo” vowel space behind a very percussion “d” sound, but with a SHORT “oo” vowel in duration. We ALMOST go right to the “m” sound in “doom”, with a little time for a nice spacious “oo” in between the two letters. Please be able to perform measures 1-5 with 90% accuracy, on text.
Finally, we received “The Star-Spangled Banner”, our Graduation/Veterans Day version. We will be learning it this semester, in preparation for any possible performances throughout the year. You will receive the music Wednesday if you did not receive it today.
Fri., 9/18 ~ We began today with some rhythm-intensive warm-ups! Please see the below image for what we covered (performing them mostly just on “tee”, not focusing per se on speaking the counts, just making sure to feel where the downbeats (numbers: 1, 2, 3, and 4) are.
Hopefully it is somewhat visible when enlarged! After the warm-up exercise, we opened “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”, be Pentatonix. Solo auditions for this piece will be on Friday, October 2nd, during class. Please learn as much as you can of it before the audition date if interested!
Today, we learned solidly the first 3 measures of “MCHH”. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the rhythms can be tricky. We also spoke about text, and how the syllable “doom” should be emphasized given a lot of space in the mouth. Please be able to perform these measures with about 90% accuracy, on text.
-Concert Attire-

[NOTE: For the 2020-21 school year, students will NOT be asked to purchase concert attire through the school. We will perform in simple clothing items that can most likely be found at home.]

Show Choir men purchase their own specific shirts, pants, ties, and shoes for performances, through the school.

Show Choir women purchase their own specific dresses through the school. They are in charge of finding their own shoes, which may be beige, black, silver, or any neutral color.

Information on ordering these items, as well as the fundraising opportunity to offset costs, is now available.

How to Measure for Concert Attire

Please be prepared with your music and a pencil at every rehearsal!

Important Reminder: As the school year starts, it is your responsibility to educate your teachers and coaches on the nature of Show Choir. YOU must tell them that it is a CLASS, for a GRADE, and CREDIT that goes towards your GPA. It is CURRICULAR.

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