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A note to the company of Bye Bye Birdie:

Please check your email daily for updates on rehearsal schedule, publicity, housekeeping, etc…there is much to be done!

North Hunterdon Theatre Organization (NHTO) is the forum for all students interested in being involved in straight plays and musical theater productions at North Hunterdon High School.

Mrs. Cudworth is a Theatre Coordinator for NHHS. She splits this position with Ms. Regina Cavo (English teacher), who serves as Producer for the Fall Play. Mrs. Cudworth serves as Vocal Director and Producer for the Winter Musical, and Producer for the Scenes & Songs Cabaret.

-2019~2020 Season-

Fall Play: Little Women (directed by Mrs. Meo)

Winter Musical: Bye Bye Birdie (directed by Mrs. Meo)

Spring Production: Our 9th annual Scenes & Songs Cabaret (directed by Mr. Hopta)

-Important Dates-

Fri., 2/28, 7:00pm ~ Bye Bye Birdie performance in the Theatre

Sat., 2/29, 7:00pm ~ Bye Bye Birdie performance in the Theatre

Sun., 3/1, 2:00pm ~ Bye Bye Birdie performance in the Theatre

Mon., 3/2, anytime ~ Cast members, please hand in fundraiser money to Mrs. C

-Rehearsal Notes-

North Hunterdon Theatre Safety and Professionalism Rules & Regulations

-Other Theatrical Opportunities-