Freshman Choir

-How to Practice (even if you think you can’t!)-

Practicing Choral Music: Ten ideas for the singer who doesn’t think they can practice on their own

-Virtual Piano (in case you don’t have one at home)-

Online Piano!

Piano Keys

-Final Exam Resource-

“The Silver Swan” sound files

-Vocab Words of the Day-

music ~ organized and structured sound in time

tonality ~ notes organized around a tonal center based upon a major or minor scale

la-based minor ~ the minor mode, where the syllable “la” is the tonal center (home base).

syncopation ~ placing the accent on the weak beat (or up/offbeat).

schwa ~ an unstressed vowel without a clear shape. 

legato ~ smooth, flowing, connected.

-Important Dates-

Sat., 3/7, 8-10am ~ NHMA’s Flapjack Fundraiser (servers and performers welcome!), Flemington Applebee’s

Wed., 3/25, 7-9:30pm ~ Prism Dress Rehearsal in the Main Gym (please wear Prism Concert attire)

Thurs., 3/26, 8:00pm (call time 7:30pm) ~ Prism Concert in the Main Gym (please wear Prism Concert attire)

Thurs., 4/30-Sun., 5/3, all day (call time TBA) ~ Music Department trip to Williamsburg, VA!

Thurs., 5/14, 7:00pm (call time TBA) ~ Spring Concert II in the Theatre (please wear Concert Attire)

-Concert Attire-

All Freshman Choir members will purchase their own Concert Attire through the school. Details about this will be given in class and emailed to students and parents within the first month of school.

Freshman Choir members will choose their own shoes. They must be formal and all black with a small heel, if any (for safety and comfort onstage, please make sure the heel is small!). The shoes may be open or closed-toed.

We also offer a fundraising opportunity for those who wish to offset the cost of their clothes. This is a direct sale which solely benefits the individual purchasing the attire.

How to Measure for Concert Attire

Concert Attire Order Form 2019

Freshman Choir Course Description

Rehearsal Notes:

Please be prepared at every rehearsal with your folder, music, and a pencil!

Music Dept. Grading Policy