Concert Choir

ATTENTION ALL CONCERT CHOIR MEMBERS: Please check your email DAILY for your assignments during online instruction. Assignments will be posted by 9:00am each day we have class. Thank you!

-How to Practice (even if you think you can’t!)-

Practicing Choral Music: Ten Ideas for the Singer Who Doesn’t Think They Can Practice on Their Own

-Virtual Piano (if you don’t have one at home)-

Online Piano!

Piano Keys

-Final Exam Practice Resource-

“The Silver Swan” sound files

-Words of the Day-

music ~ organized and structured sound in time

rhythm ~ the subdivision of a space of time into a defined, repeated pattern. rhythm is the controlled movement of music through time

solfege (solfeggio/solmization) ~ the syllables [do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, etc.] and their association with specific pitches, especially in regard to intervals

tonality ~ notes organized around a tonal center based upon a major or minor scale

la-based minor ~ in the minor mode, when “la” is the tonal center.

chromaticism ~ 1) any music or chord that contains notes not belonging to the diatonic scale. 2) music which proceeds in half steps.

sforzando piano ~ a directive to perform the indicated note with particular emphasis followed by a sudden decrease in loudness.

-Important Dates-

Thurs., 4/30-Sun., 5/3, all day (call time TBA) ~ Music Department trip to Williamsburg, VA!

Mon., 5/4, 6-8pm ~ Combined rehearsal in the Theatre (NOT a dress rehearsal)

Thurs., 5/7, 7:00pm ~ Spring Concert I in the Theatre (concert attire)

Wed., 5/20, 6:30pm ~ Music Department Banquet in the Cafeteria

Fri., 5/22, period 6 ~ Master Class/Q&A with Mr. Chris Stadulis in the Theatre

Fri., 6/12, 10:00am ~ Senior Choir Picture in the Choir Room (seniors only)!

-Performance Attire-

All Concert Choir members purchase their own Concert Attire through the school. Details about this will be given to students in class and emailed to students and parents within the first month of school.

Concert Choir women will choose their own shoes. They must be formal and all black with a small heel, if any. They may be open or closed-toed.

Concert Choir men may choose their own black formal shoes if they wish, or they may purchase them through the school. They do NOT have to be patent vinyl.

We offer a fundraising opportunity for those who wish to offset the cost of their clothing. This is a direct sale in which the individual who is purchasing attire reaps the sole monetary benefit.

Please see the forms below for more details:

How to Measure for Concert Attire

Concert Attire Order Form 2019

-Rehearsal Procedure-

Be prepared at every rehearsal with your folder, music, mirror, and a pencil!

Concert Choir Course Description

Music Dept. Grading Policy