Concert Choir

ATTENTION ALL BLOCK 2 CONCERT CHOIR MEMBERS: Please check your email and/or this website DAILY for your assignments during online instruction. Assignments will be both emailed and posted here by 9:00am each day we have class. Thank you!

Thurs., 6/4, Day “A” ~ In preparation for our final Zoom meeting (tomorrow), please send me your last Thankful Thursday of the year, via video or email, which I will read anonymously in the meeting. Many of you have done this already, but if you haven’t, this is your assignment for today, due by 10pm!

Wed., 6/3, Day “D” ~ Your assignment today is optional. That means you will not be penalized for not doing this assignment. BUT, if your grade needs some extra points, this is an opportunity for you to get some!

I have tried to give you assignments over the past few months that spark your interest and challenge, yet don’t overwhelm you. I have also tried to be creative in what kinds of assignments I give, but I know there is always room for improvement! Your assignment today (should you choose to accept it) is to tell me if there is any kind of virtual assignment you can think of that we haven’t done but you would like to. I am attempting to plan for the possibility of virtual learning continuing into the fall of 2020. This is only a possibility, and this is just me making a contingency plan! I am just thinking ahead about what may happen in the future.

Mon., 6/1, Day “B” ~ Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, please watch these videos from Alex MacNicoll, professional actor and master class artist who visited us in September:

Alex is someone I admire deeply. I have some firsthand knowledge about his personal journey to the screen/Hollywood, and I can tell you he was not the typical ‘theatre kid’ in high school. In fact, he participated in his very first stage musical the summer after his freshman year of college. He auditioned for a show where he knew no one, and wound up making a fantastic impression on us all. Alex was and is a standout athlete, but has never let his interests define him one way or the other. He is a thespian, an athlete, a humanitarian, and a wonderful person (as you may have noticed as he spoke with us in the master class). I don’t just admire Alex for his talent; I admire how incredibly grounded he is. To this day, he looks up to the people who were involved in his first show here, those volunteers from that little community theatre production, and he can even still remember the choreography [this was eleven years ago]! He shows the utmost respect for the people who gave him his start on the stage, and I’m sure to everyone who has helped him along the way to where he is now. He is honest about his abilities and professional status, but never believes he is better than anyone else because of them. This is true humility. There is so much more I could say about Alex (including the fact that he insisted we not pay him for coming and speaking to us in September – no one has EVER done that, in my experience!), but I won’t gush further.
Your assignment today, due by 10:06pm, is to identify someone in the musical or entertainment world that you look up to. Tell me a bit about them, and why they have earned your admiration.

Fri., 5/29, Day “A” ~ Please look through Aspen and make sure you are all caught up on assignments for your choir classes! Questions? Reach out!

Thurs., 5/28, Day “D” ~ I hope you all saw the video of me explaining about the Panel/Choir Interest Zoom Meeting that is taking place tomorrow. If you didn’t, here it is again (please watch!):

…and that is your assignment today, folks! Watch this video and if you even have the SLIGHTEST bit of curiosity about Chamber Choir, Madrigal Singers, and/or Show Choir, please plan to attend the Panel/Interest Meeting TOMORROW, 5/28, during period 3 (11:04-11:39am). The meeting is optional, but I strongly recommend attending if you are even considering auditioning. I will send you the link.

Tues., 5/26, Day “B” ~ Your assignment for today is broken down by grade level:

Make a video/audio recording of yourself as if you were speaking to the current 8th graders in our sending districts. Speak to them about your experience as a “new-ish” member of the Music Department, and feel free to give them some advice. (The first bit of advice I might give is to JOIN the Department in the first place!) Feel free to include anything you like in this recording. If you are struggling with the technology, you may write it out instead.
Next year, you will be the leaders of the Music Department! Let that sink in. Your assignment is to either make a video or send me in writing what being a leader here means to you.
Schedule your Senior Exit Interview with me (you’ll get a separate email about this). That’s it!

Fri., 5/22, Day “A” ~ Your assignment for today: In observance of Memorial Day Weekend, which is nearly upon us, I ask that you either:

1) Send a video of you singing a patriotic song
2) Send me a link to any patriotic song performance (doesn’t have to be live) that you enjoy, with an explanation of why you enjoy it.
When defining “patriotic song”, I want you to think outside the usual boundaries. Don’t limit yourself to “God Bless America” or the National Anthem (although you absolutely may use these songs and songs like them). Think about a song that could be about honoring those who defend our country, or what makes our country worth living in. An example of a song that is very appropriate for this assignment but doesn’t immediately bring to mind the stars and stripes is “My Hero” by The Foo Fighters:

Thurs., 5/21, Day “D” ~ Since I forgot to collect Thankful Thursday submissions from y’all, we are going to do our own personal one today. Your assignment is to: Approach someone in your life, either in person (if they live in your house) or via technology (if they live outside your house), and tell them you are thankful for them. That’s it! I hope you have a nice little moment with someone today born by thankfulness. Honor system – you don’t have to confirm with me you did this.

Tues., 5/19, Day “B” ~ I have been thinking a lot about what next year will look like for us as choir members. While I know we would like to think that with the fall semester comes business as usual, with in-person classes, sheet music, singing together all in one place, and live performances, it is possible that this way of learning (virtually) will go on for longer than we anticipated. Rest assured that music will still happen; we will just have to be more creative about it. And we have been using this semester to start that process.

Here are the types of assignments/challenges I have given you from March to May:
-Video/audio assessments of current repertoire, with practice tracks as aids
-Video/audio assessment while singing a different voice part
-Involve a family member in your repertoire singing
-Submit an open mic-style recording
-Perform our repertoire like a monologue
-Assignments through an online music theory site
-Listening exercise (with Nick Young’s “Lux Nova”) with response
-Rate the songs in our repertoire
-Check-in with me about mental/emotional health
-Talk about an object that makes you happy
There may be more (and there are more to come this year!), but those are all I can think of at the moment.
Your assignment today: Please tell me which of the above assignment styles works for you and which doesn’t. For example, you may have found some of these boring, tedious, or too difficult to do successfully. Just fill me in on how you have felt about these different types of assignments. You don’t have to give me a paragraph or even a sentence on each one. Just give me the thoughts that stand out. This is due by 10:15pm.

Mon., 5/18, Day “A” ~ Last week, you told me which choir song from this school year is your favorite. I would like you to choose part of that song to sing for me in a short video. It doesn’t have to be the whole song, but if you have a burning desire to sing all of it for me, I won’t hold you back! It can be ten seconds, it can be two minutes…whatever hits you in that moment. If the song is from first semester and you don’t currently have the sheet music with you, I’m sure you can find a version on YouTube to sing with. If you’d like to get creative and accompany yourself on an instrument you have at your house, I won’t say no to that either!

Fri., 5/15, Day “D” ~ For your assignment today, all I want you to do is watch some or all of this video: 

It is the same link I sent around last night – the senior awards “banquet” the Music teachers recorded a few days ago. It is an hour long, so you don’t have to watch all of it if you don’t have time. Just watch some of it. And you don’t have to tell me you watched it. We are going on the honor system today, people. If you already watched all of it, you get a freebie today!

Wed., 5/13, Day “B” ~ Today’s assignment: In email or video format, please tell me about your FAVORITE song we sang in Concert Choir this year. It can be from either semester. If I remember correctly, this includes the following pieces:

Daniel, Servant of the Lord
Dies Irae
A Festive Christmas Celebration
Homeward Bound
The Impossible Dream
My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord
O Come All Ye Faithful
Oggun Belele
Tantum Ergo
That Lonesome Road
It should make you proud looking at that list of ten great songs we have learned (mostly)! So just pick your absolute favorite of the bunch and, as always, explain WHY it is your personal favorite. Due by 10:00pm.

Tues., 5/12, Day “A” ~ Your assignment, as well as several announcements, is contained in this video:

Mon., 5/11, Day “D” ~ All you have to do is tell me if you are taking any AP tests, which ones they are, and on which days they occur. THAT’S IT. If you are not taking any AP tests, simply send me a message that says “I am not taking any AP tests”.

Thurs., 5/7, Day “B” ~ Your assignment is contained in this video:

Wed., 5/6, Day “A” ~ Please send me a video (or audio only, if you prefer) of yourself singing your part of mm. 31-40 of “Dies Irae”. This is the same assignment as yesterday; if you already completed it, you do not need to do it a second time. This is for the folks who were having trouble receiving emails from me yesterday. Hopefully that is cleared up now!

Meme of the Day: 

-How to Practice (even if you think you can’t!)-

Practicing Choral Music: Ten Ideas for the Singer Who Doesn’t Think They Can Practice on Their Own

-Virtual Piano (if you don’t have one at home)-

Online Piano!

Piano Keys

-Final Exam Practice Resource-

“The Silver Swan” sound files

-Words of the Day-

music ~ organized and structured sound in time

rhythm ~ the subdivision of a space of time into a defined, repeated pattern. rhythm is the controlled movement of music through time

solfege (solfeggio/solmization) ~ the syllables [do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, etc.] and their association with specific pitches, especially in regard to intervals

tonality ~ notes organized around a tonal center based upon a major or minor scale

la-based minor ~ in the minor mode, when “la” is the tonal center.

chromaticism ~ 1) any music or chord that contains notes not belonging to the diatonic scale. 2) music which proceeds in half steps.

sforzando piano ~ a directive to perform the indicated note with particular emphasis followed by a sudden decrease in loudness.

-Important Dates-

Fri., 6/12, noon ~ Watch the 2020 Seniors’ Graduation video, with their rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana!

-Performance Attire-

All Concert Choir members purchase their own Concert Attire through the school. Details about this will be given to students in class and emailed to students and parents within the first month of school.

Concert Choir women will choose their own shoes. They must be formal and all black with a small heel, if any. They may be open or closed-toed.

Concert Choir men may choose their own black formal shoes if they wish, or they may purchase them through the school. They do NOT have to be patent vinyl.

We offer a fundraising opportunity for those who wish to offset the cost of their clothing. This is a direct sale in which the individual who is purchasing attire reaps the sole monetary benefit.

Please see the forms below for more details:

How to Measure for Concert Attire

Concert Attire Order Form 2019

-Rehearsal Procedure-

Be prepared at every rehearsal with your folder, music, mirror, and a pencil!

Concert Choir Course Description

Music Dept. Grading Policy