Chamber Choir

*~-~-How to Practice-~-~*

Practicing Choral Music: Ten ideas for the singer who doesn’t think they can practice on their own

-Virtual Piano-

Piano Keys

-Important Dates-

Wed., 9/18, period 4 ~ Entertainment Industry Master Class with actor Alex MacNicoll in the Theatre

Thurs., 9/26 ~ Test on “Noche de Paz” (mm. 1-12; you may use sheet music); “Magnificent Horses” (mm. 1-15, memorized) (both tests will be one person per voice part; I will choose quartets randomly that day)

Fri., 9/27 ~ Deadline to hand in Concert Attire Order Form (with measurements!) and payment to Mrs. C (file located at bottom of page)

Thurs., 12/5, 7:00pm (call time TBA) ~ Winter Concert I in the Theatre

Wed., 3/25, 7-9:30pm ~ Prism Dress Rehearsal in the Main Gym

Thurs., 3/26, 8:00pm (call time 7:30) ~ Prism Concert in the Main Gym

Thurs., 5/7, 7:00pm (call time TBA) ~ Spring Concert I in the Theatre

[Chamber Choir rehearses each Monday and Thursday from 2:30-3:10 in the Choir Room, unless otherwise announced.]

-Rehearsal Notes-

(After each rehearsal, I will post the activity from that session, so those who were absent can learn what they missed for the next time we meet, and so those who were present can review as needed. Once we learn part of a piece, you are expected to know it for the next rehearsal! If you were absent when we learned something, you are expected to be familiar with what you missed by the next rehearsal. Cozy up to a piano and get it done. If you do not play keys, learn (a basic knowledge is definitely doable), and in the meantime, please utilize the resources around you. We have many fine keys players in the Department, and you can always ask one of the teachers for help as well.)

Mon., 9/16 ~ Today we began by learning the first phrase of text to our new piece, “Locus Iste”, by Anton Bruckner. We separated into Sections and practiced the text, rhythmic patterns, and solfege intervals of the first 8 measures. Then, we put it all together with the entire ensemble, and it worked well! You should be able to perform the first 8 measures on solfege and text with about 80% accuracy. Listening to a recording may help!

We moved on to a new section of “Magnificent Horses”, mm. 19-22. You should be able to perform this with about 80% accuracy (at about 75% of the actual performance speed).

Please take note of the material on your September test – all necessary details are listed in the Important Dates section above.

Mon., 9/9 ~ Today, we learned all of the first two pages of “Magnificent Horses”, focusing on the rhythm of each pattern. This piece is simpler than it looks. You just need to follow the pulse, and subdivide (1 and 2 and, 1-e-&-a, 2-e-&-a) while you learn and practice! (Bobby and Will will be singing Tenor 2, Michael and Ryan Tenor 1.) At this point, all should be able to sing the entire two first pages with about 60% confidence.

We moved on to “I Carry Your Heart With Me”, and spoke the text of pages 8-9 in time.

Be prepared at every rehearsal with your folder, music, and a pencil!

~Concert Attire~

Members of Chamber Choir purchase their own attire through the school. Information on this, as well as the Gertrude Hawk fundraising opportunity to offset costs, will become available within the first month of school.

Chamber Choir women will choose their own shoes. They must be formal and all black with a small heel, if any. They may be open or closed-toed.

Chamber Choir men may choose their own black formal shoes if they wish, or they may purchase them through the school.

Concert Attire Order Form 2019

Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser Order Form 2019

How to Measure for Concert Attire

Reminder: It is your responsibility to educate your other teachers and coaches on the nature of Chamber Choir. YOU must tell them that it is a CLASS, for a GRADE, and CREDIT that goes towards your GPA. Please explain that it is CURRICULAR.

Auditioned Choir Attendance Policy

Music Dept. Grading Policy