Dance Team Rules

Behavior and Attitude

At no time should a North Hunterdon High School Dancer represent our team or the program in a negative manner.

Anyone who quits or is removed from the team shall not be allowed to participate in the future, at the discretion of the coach.

*Any girl displaying a negative attitude toward the coaches and/or any squad member may be disciplined at the discretion of the coach.  Punishment can range from “benching” to “suspension” from the team.

The coaches have the right to remove any dancer from the squad at any time for not upholding her responsibilities to the team.



If a dancer chooses to skip any event without an approved excuse from the coach prior to the event, the dancer will subject herself to disciplinary action, which may include being benched at future events. If a dancer skips an event when she is benched, she will be suspended indefinitely from the squad.

Activities such as dance, gymnastics, your brother’s wrestling match, babysitting, etc. are NOT excuses to miss practice/events.

The coaches reserve the right to call unscheduled practices at any time – as needed. It’s important that we are notified of your calendar as far in advance as possible as we try to accommodate schedules as best as we can.

Tardiness will not be tolerated. Coaches reserve the right to bench dancers for chronic lateness.  Always bring a pass from the teacher you were with, but this will not always get you off the hook about lateness.

All students must be supervised between 2:35 p.m. and 3:10 p.m. Unsupervised student-athletes who are in the building waiting for practice to begin should report to Cafeteria B or room 111 for supervised study hall. Wandering in the halls is not acceptable, and students who do not follow this directive will be referred to Mrs. Skidmore.



Your shoes must be clean, make-up should be kept to a minimum, and hair should be neat.

When you perform at the basketball games, the team should have a *uniform* appearance, so therefore the coaches reserve the right to instruct certain hairstyles and makeup.

The uniforms are the property of North Hunterdon High School, and if they are lost or damaged (including fading damage caused by incorrectly washing the garment), the dancer and her parents/guardians will pay for the replacement. Uniforms are ONLY worn when you are told to wear them by the coaches.

You may not chew gum or eat “messy” food while in uniform. During the game, there should be no undergarments or mid-drifts showing, so you will be expected to wear appropriate undergarments as instructed by your coach.



No dangly jewelry may be worn to practice, competitions, or events.

All injuries must be reported IMMEDIATELY and cleared by your doctor for clearance to participate.

You should not be eating anything while you dance, neither at practices nor at games. 

Disciplinary action for safety infractions may occur at the coaches’ discretion.

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