English III Honors

Course Objectives: Junior Honors English course involves the development of comprehension, interpretation, writing, vocabulary and speaking skills. It surveys important works in American literature and selected inter-related works from world literature. Frequent writing assignments and a term paper are integral parts of the curriculum. The literature and supplemental texts are the sources of vocabulary enrichment, and speaking skills are developed through formal speeches and informal discussions. Overall, students will develop a growing understanding of how texts are influenced by their authors, the times in which they were written and various textual criticisms.

Grading Policy:

Grades are weighted in the following manner:

  • Vocabulary, literature quizzes—25%
  • Homework, participation, class work—35%
  • Tests—40%
  • Essay assessment will vary according to length, breadth and extent of assignment. Essays will range in weight from tests to quizzes (40-30%).


Monday, November 25: Collect TSL books, distribute papers, assignment: Arthur Miller’s letter to the editor: “Are You Now or Were You Ever: Why I wrote The Crucible

Tuesday, November 26: Group annotation of the letter to the editor; teacher-led discussion on themes applicable to The Crucible; distribute “Tragedy and the Common Man

Wednesday, November 27: Group annotations for Tragedy and the Common Man

Thursday, November 28-Friday, November 29: Thanksgiving recess–vocabulary Unit 3

Monday, December 2: Voc. Unit 3; review activity on Why I Wrote The Crucible and Tragedy and the Common Man

Tuesday, December 3: Voc. Unit 3; Identification of the tragic hero: what makes a tragic hero tragic?

Wednesday, December 4: Voc. Unit 3; Begin reading The Crucible

Thursday, December 5: Voc. Unit 3; continue reading The Crucible

Friday, December 6: Voc. Unit 3 quiz; Read The Crucible independently and answer Act I questions (typed, double-spaced) for homework




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