Don't let your brain go soft in the summer sun! Check out the summer reading titles that are required for your grade.

New summer reading program for incoming freshmen
The summer reading requirements for incoming freshmen have changed. Check out the new options here.

Check out your books before school ends
NHHS summer reading books will be available in the Media Center until June 13.

Get your books over the summer
After June 17, our summer reading collection will be available at the North County branch of the Hunterdon County Library at 65 Halstead Street in Clinton. You can check out your books there or buy them at local book stores.

Summer Reading test for sophomores, juniors & seniors
On Sept. 12, your English teacher will give you a written test to determine your understanding of the book you have read. Be sure to read carefully and actively; take notes to help you remember important elements of plot, setting, and character.

Freshman Summer Reading Program

Sophomore, Junior & Senior Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Note-Taking Organizer


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