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I. Attendance/Absences

Excused absences

1. Policy

Students are only allowed five excused absences per marking period. Any excused absence after five must be made up as an unprepared. Students who do not meet this requirement will receive a drop in letter grade.

2. Nurse's Excuses

All nurse’s office visits after two will need to be made up as an unprepared. The nurse will not issue a PE excuse unless the student has obtained a pass from the physical education teacher FIRST! Failure to comply with this rule will constitute an unprepared.

3. Medical Excuse (due to illness or injury) Classes missed do not have to be made up upon presentation of a written note from a physician. The note will be kept on file by the school nurse. This note should include the date of excuse and the date of return. Students must present a medical note to return.

4. Field Trips. Guidance appointments and School activities Any missed classes due to a field trip, guidance appointment, or other school activity will be considered an excused absence and must be made up if over five classes.

Unexcused Absence

An unexcused absence will be considered a cut and students will need to make up 2 classes to earn back their 10 point loss.

II. Unprepared

An unprepared is considered not properly dressed to meet department standards for participation. After the third unprepared students will be referred to the office. The first unprepared is a loss of 5 points. Each subsequent unprepared is a loss of 10 points.

III. Lates

After the third late students will be referred to the office.

IV. Dress

1. Students must wear proper PE attire‑ sneakers only, socks, athletic shorts or sweat pants, and l‑shirt or sweatshirt. (Dress to the weather)

2. NO cut off shorts, denim or corduroy shorts, boxer shorts, belted shorts, belts, button down shirts, t‑shirts with offensive language or slogans, and t‑shirts with alcohol, tobacco, drug, or sex related wording and pictures.

3. NO jewelry of any kind.

4. NO hats or sunglasses

V. Security

1. You may use a locker during class time, but you may not leave your clothes in a locker. Bring a lock to class with you and lock up your things. You must remove your lock after class is over. All locks not removed will be cut off at the end of the day.

2. Give all valuables to the physical education teacher to be locked up.

3. Do not assume your things will not be stolen; every year something is stolen out of the locker rooms. PLAN AHEAD.

VI. Grading

1. Grades will be based on

a. attendance

b. dress

c. participation‑ participation grade will be based on the following criteria: safety, following directions, time on task, effort, cooperation, sportsmanship, and responsibility.

d. skill tests

e. knowledge of the activity (knowledge is based on tests, quizzes, and oral questioning).

2. Grading is on a point system each marking period is worth 100 points

a. If you are unprepared for class minus 5 points first infraction, 10 points subsequent infractions (can be made up).

b. Each class missed after five - minus 5 points first infraction, 10 points all subsequent infractions

(can be made up).

c. Late to class or squad‑ minus 1 point (cannot be made up).

d. "Cutting" class‑ minus 10 points (must make up 2 classes to earn back the 10 points lost).

e. Leaving class before the dismissal bell‑ minus 5 points (cannot be made up).

f. Discipline‑ up to 10 points off, teacher discretion (cannot be made up).

g. Foul language will not be tolerated‑ this goes under the discipline category.

VII. PE Make ups

1. Make ups may be performed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

2. Makeup time is from 2:35 to 3:00

3. Students must be ready to begin the makeup at 2:35

4. No student will be admitted to the make up once it has begun.

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