Mr. Sosidka






How long?  30 days


What must he eat? Everything on the menu at least once


How must he restrict his exercise? Cannot walk more than 1 mile a day; takes cabs to limit his steps


What to do about SuperSizing? Only if they ask him


The weight gain? 25 pounds in 30 days


The greatest physical damage? To his liver


How many doctors? 3


Other physical complaints Morgan has? Depression; chest pains; headaches; trouble breathing; mood swings; intimacy problems with girlfriend


What happens to his clinic? Loses its funding and shuts down in middle of filming


Second lunch? Supersized double quarter pounder with cheese meal





Advertising budget over 1 billion dollars a year (close to 1.3 billion)



The only things which do not contain sugar fries; chicken nuggets; coffee; iced tea; diet coke; hashbrowns



What canít Morgan seem to find? Nutritional guide/chart/pamphlets



With whom canít Morgan seem to speak? Representatives from McDonaldís (CEO)


What does the company call frequent customers? Heavy users


What did McDís do as a result of the movie? Stopped serving supersize




Who speaks at a school? Jared from Subway




Who distributes the food at a WV school?  How often? U.S. Government; Only 6 meals are homemade each month




Son of the founder of what ice cream company spoke? Baskin Robbins




To what question didnít people know the answer? What is a calorie?



The fattest state in the country was? Texas



A family in front of the White House didnít know the Pledge of Allegiance but knew the Big Mac song (jingle)




How many calories should a person intake daily? 2500



A reason given for why elementary schools are cutting out phys ed classes is: more time for testing due to NCLB



Morganís girlfriend Vegan chef



Don Gorske The Big Mac Guy- has eaten 19,000 Big Macs at time of this movie